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Professional area

A professional is someone who can do his best work
when he doesn't feel like it [Alistair Cooke]

After more than 15 years of professional career in the tourism field managing projects for public and university centers, and also being active part of important national & international private companies, I acquired a strong experience that allowed me to know in detail, the various ranges and possibilities of this important economic sector.

Such knowledge, along with my versatility and adaptability, make me able to, at the level of 'product', fully cover the whole process of realization of any tourism project (creation-management-production), and at the level of 'market' be able to attend direct customers orders, as well private companies and other entities requests, asking for an external collaboration which can be integrated within their staff.

Working methodology
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In relation to the tourism strategic management, I offer advice and consultancy to those entities and organizations in charge for tourism destination boards, through proposals such as:

  • Development, coordination & implementation of strategic & marketing tourism plans.
  • Preparation of Data collection & analysis Studies.
  • Financial supports & subventions researching, and preparation of the techincal proposals to be submitted.


In relation to the provision of services, as external collaborator I offer to public and private sector, a wide range of tourism proposals and solutions, always customized according to the needs to be covered:

  • Creation, marketing and brokerage of tourism & travel products.
  • Organization of excursions & guided tours, urban & nature itineraries. Tourist guide service.
  • Promotion of tourism & cultural events (media, PR and press releases).
  • Organization of professional events (seminars, conferences, promotional events).
  • University collaborations as a teacher & speaker.
  • Collaboration in specialized tourism & travel press/medias (editorial & commercial).
  • Cooperation in sustainable / responsible tourism projects.