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A few words about me...
Lles de Cerdanya [1976]
I was born in Granollers, in November 1975, and after travelling a lot, now I live in Vallgorguina. I shared my childhood with my parents, Miquel and Lola, my sister Marta... and a whole bunch of uncles, cousins, grandparents ... and even great-grandparents.
I like driving, and I love to travel ... I guess that's why I'm fully dedicated to the professional world of tourism, travel & leisure. I love to read and write and try to do in different languages I've learned (Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Italian).
When I have free time, I enjoy doing jogging for a while and also losing myself through remote trails with my mountain bike. But if I have to choose what really makes me off, I will tell you there's nothing like yatching.

Granollers [1997]
Since childhood I have always been very well versed into the culture of daily effort. Taking this tough stance with my studies helped me in passing all the academic courses I have done. After the obligatory school & high school education, I chose to study the Diploma in Tourism. Once I obtained this title, through the Higher Institute for Tourism Studies (Insetur) of the University of Girona, and already immersed in the professional day by day life, I delve into the tourism sector studying a Master in Inland Tourism of the University of Vic. Over the past 15 years, and in combination with my professional career, I've taken part and attended more than fifty courses, conferences and seminars related to public management of tourism and heritage, cultural & industrial tourism, convention bureau, meetings & urban tourism, ecotourism and rural tourism, and sustainable & responsible tourism.