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Experts say that times of crisis are also times of opportunities. So I wanted to start this year 2011 giving me the opportunity to start a new professional challenge. Those who know me well will not be surprised of this decision, as you know perfectly well that in recent years I've been lucky enough to get involved in various professional projects, mostly related to tourism and culture fields. But this time is different, this time I jump ahead and I start my own freelance adventure. Working on my own had always been an option that attracted me very much, and although I had not planned do it for this 2011, the present circumstances brought me in ... so I decided to take advantage of them.

My letter of presentation is this humble blog, a small container of personal and professional information which I'm happy to invite you to have a look, so you can know a bit more about me, what I have done and what services and projects I can offer to customers and partners. You will also find my contact details to ask, propose and discuss what you want.

'Aquitat II' Sailboat - Mediterranean Sea [2010]

Meanwhile I'll use this new window to the world, to update my progress, expose my thoughts and opinons, as well as projects that I will be involved in.

Hoist the sails...